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[Karazhan] Nightbane


Nightbane is a summonable boss in Karazhan. One member of your raid needs to complete the Neutral [70] Medivh's Journal questline to summon the boss. This means Heroic Shattered Halls and Sethekk Halls must be partially completed in order to obtain the [Blackened Urn], which is used to summon Nightbane.
?? Health, ?? Mana
Nightbane has two phases that he transitions between several times during the course of the fight. In Phase One, the boss is tanked on the ground in a style reminiscent of Onyxia. At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, he enters Phase Two and takes to the sky, during which time the raid's attention is focused elsewhere.
Abilities on the ground:
Bellowing Roar - Typical dragon fear with a 2.5-second cast time, short duration, and 30-second cooldown. Resistible with Berserker Rage, Fear Ward, Will of the Forsaken, or Death Wish. He casts this once every 45 seconds to 1 minute.
Charred Earth - Chars the ground in a 10-yard radius, dealing 21,880 to 28,120 damage to players in the inflamed area over 30 seconds. Similar to a fire-based Void Zone.
Cleave - Typical dragon cleave, frontal arc. Hits for approximately 6,000 on plate, 11,000 on cloth.
Distracting Ash - Reduces the range of spells and abilities by 50%. Can be dispelled.
Smoldering Breath - Inflicts 3,700 to 4,300 fire damage to enemies in a frontal cone. Deals 1,688 to 1,912 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
Tail Sweep - Inflicts 450 fire damage on enemies in a cone behind the boss, knocking them back. Deals 450 fire damage every 3 seconds for 25 seconds.
Abilities in the Air:

Casts Rain of Bones on one random player/pet: Bombards the area the targeted person is standing with bone fragments, which deal 352-408 physical damage in a 6-yard radius, and summons five Restless Skeletons. [Note: As of Patch 2.1, Bombardment no longer follows the player as the player moves.]
Summons Restless Skeletons. Each has the following attributes - Shoots powerful Smoking Blast every second for approximately 15 seconds. Deals 1,850 to 2,150 physical damage (can be mitigated by armor, approximately 750 on plate) to the target and 3,000 fire damage over 18 seconds. The fire damage-over-time debuff can be dispelled. Targeting for this ability is determined by the individual with the highest healing threat after he goes into the air. He resets healing threat at some point in the air, be it right as he goes up or when he "takes in a deep breath". The easiest way of dealing with this is by casting Blessing of Salvation on squishy healers and having a Paladin chain cast heals with Righteous Fury active.

Fireball Barrage: If any member of the raid is too far away from Nightbane while he is flying he will start pelting members of the raid with fireballs, each doing about 3,000-3,500 damage, casting 1 per second until all members are within range. This is just an ability that exists to prevent exploiting and is not something you will notice if you do things correctly.

(Courtesy of until Hestocklem writes his version. Further enhancements will be taken from your replies.)

Phase one

Phase one lasts until nightbane has lost 25% of his health, when he will then take to the air for phase two.

Splitting up the parties and sending Group 1 to the north side and Group 2 to the south side is a viable strategy. However, many groups see much better results keeping both groups on the same side, with Group 1 clustered next the dome and Group 2 clustered next to the battlements. In either case, healers and ranged should remain at max distance in order to avoid the fear.

Fighting Nightbane
Healing in this phase isn't particularly difficult, and the fight resembles a simple tank and spank. However, Nightbane has a lot of burst potential when his melee is combined with his cleave and smoldering breath, so healers need to be somewhat awake, even though they can get outside the 5 second rule quite often. The tank should stance dance whenever the ground begins to shake in order to avoid the fear. Look for the Bellowing Roar cast bar right after the ground shakes, as the ground also shakes slightly before his breath attack. Fear Ward and Will of the Forsaken are viable alternatives, and deadly boss mod is highly recommended to make it easy to pick up the fear. It's usually recoverable for the tank to be feared once during the encounter, but anything more is often insufferable.

With exception to the fear, the only ability which might prove problematic is the Charred Earth. Assuming Charred Earth appears underneath Group 1, Group 1 should briefly shift over to Group 2's position until the area is safe again, and vice-versa. Occasionally, both groups may fall victim to Charred Earth at the same time, and if this happens all healers and ranged must temporarily shift forward to remain in range of the tank and the boss. Consequently, both groups will be closer to the boss and vulnerable to the fear. The tank must be ready to take whatever preventative measures are necessary should the raid's healers suddenly find themselves incapacitated.

A strategy has been suggested of having a DPS warrior stance dancing and then taking hits instead of the main tank, if the warrior is less geared that the other MT, this has not been tested however, and is most likely unneeded.

Phase two

Nightbane will fly into the air, signaling the start of phase two.

Dealing with skeletons
All healers and ranged collapse to where the main tank is standing in order to avoid the Fireball Barrage. Once Rain of Bones starts, all players must immediately move away to avoid taking too much AoE damage. The tank should pick up all Skeletons, and they should be single target DPSed. An offtank can be used as main assist during the focus fire, and Blessings of Protection dispensed liberally to keep the cloth-wearing classes alive.
It is highly recommended to not aoe, as this will strain your healers mana and most likely kill the AOEer

Transition to phase one
Ten seconds before the boss lands, all members of the raid should fall back to the previous positions, dragging whatever skeletons are still alive with them. Ideally, all adds will be dead at this point, but having one or two still up before Nightbane descends is fine. The tank must remember to stance dance to avoid the initial fear. Phase one begins again when nightbane lands, rinse and repeat until victory.

May be necessary to turn spell detail level up to high to see the rain of bones

Our Role:
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Kill Movies:
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To see all drops, please click here.

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arak arahm Euro PvP
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

Nothing specific to warlocks in this DPS fight. As usual, if you're in the MT's group, you'll want to park your imp where melee classes will be fighting nightbane.

With regard to dealing with the adds, my guild never single DPSed the skeletons, we just took them all at once meaning I would spam seed of corruption.
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

Be carefull agro reset when he lands, so wait a bit
All gather at MT when he start fly
All run away when he will land (you can see a shadow on the ground where he will land)
for skelletons : if you have a hunter and a mage : make the hunter put his slowing frozen trap, and the mage nova, and you cast 5 or 6 seed of corruptions.
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

It is an easy fight.

Park your Imp next to the tank
Hugg the wall left or right. Max range from Tank.
After the pull start fight.

If your in the charred earth zone, strafe instant left or right. To avoid.

Nightbane starts flying, group togheter.
Target and SoC the skeletons. Stay alive.
They will go down. No sweat.
(Fall back to Rain of Fire if to much aggro and you can get killed).

Get back in position and hug wall.
Repeat till you or Nightbane are death
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

I fought Nightbane for the 1st time last night, and (destro-specced) I had several problems of taking the aggro from the MT(nearly always resulting in OS ), even if i was below 80% of aggro when casting the last incinerate ou SB. So be very careful about that.

Concerning the skeletons, I died everytime I used SoC (or nearly), but this problem might be solved by frost novas and ice traps.

Concerning the position, stay at max range and you'll be out of trouble (charred earth excepted of course, but it is easy to avoid)
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

Originally Posted by guttural View Post
Be carefull agro reset when he lands, so wait a bit
All gather at MT when he start fly
All run away when he will land (you can see a shadow on the ground where he will land)
for skelletons : if you have a hunter and a mage : make the hunter put his slowing frozen trap, and the mage nova, and you cast 5 or 6 seed of corruptions.
If you DoT him before he takes off, aggro will be reset after. So it's usually worth refreshing DoTs that are less than half their duration left (varies with DoT and spec though). Curse of doom, you need to be careful of though.

For the skeletons, we found we wiped when we aoed the adds last time I did this as they can kill mages and locks quickly and we lost the three top DPS one per phase (though moonkin can probably get away with aoe here). It's safer to hose them down one at a time and let any melee dps clean up survivors (rare)
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Re: [Karazhan] Nightbane

Flying phase is completely trivial with a paladin tank (as is the rest of the fight now that all priests have fear ward).

However, even if you're using a warrior to tank, you should still be able to AE if you have a paladin of any type in the raid. Have them cast Righteous Fury and drop a Consecrate. Even without the 190% threat talent they should still be able to hold aggro on enough skeletons with that plus Righteous Defense, and nobody in plate is going to die to those skeletons even if they manage to pick up Smoking Blasts too (which is another good thing).

Using AE can be the difference between having the skeletons all dead with 15 seconds left before Nightbane lands, and still having skeleton(s) alive when he lands.

Oh, and make sure the holy/ret paladin clicks off RF before he lands. :P
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Karazhan, Nightbane

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