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[Karazhan] Netherspite


Netherspite is an optional boss in Karazhan, a powerful nether dragon. Netherspite patrols the back section of his room, but his aggro radius is not particularly large, allowing the entire raid to comfortably enter the room before the pull.
?? Health, ?? Mana
Basic Melee: Netherspite hits for roughly 8k on cloth, without any buffs stacked on him.
Nether Burn: Aura type spell, deals 1200 shadow damage every 5 sec, affected by line of sight. This damage is resistible, so shadow resist buffs beforehand can negate much of it.
Void Zone Consumption: Opens a massive void portal that lasts 15 sec., inflicting ~1k shadow damage every 2 sec. to all enemies in the selected area. (Similar to that in the Four Horsemen fight of Naxxramas, or Zereketh the Unbound in Arcatraz) Simply move out of the affected area immediately.
Empowerment: Undispellable self-buff that increases damage by 200%.
Enrage: After 9 minutes, Netherspite will enrage, his damage increasing 400% and he will spam Nether Burn non-stop. His breath is still fully resistible, even enraged, so the fight may continue if significant amounts of arcane resist gear are present.

(Courtesy of until Hestocklem writes his version. Further enhancements will be taken from your replies.)

There are two phases to this fight, which alternate between each other. The Portal phase, which is the first one and lasts for a minute, and the Banish phase, which lasts for half a minute. They alternate until the encounter is over or Netherspite enrages.
Portal phase

Each time this phase starts there will immediately spawn 3 portals, and after ~10 sec these will begin emitting a beam of 1 color.

The 3 nether beams targeting Netherspite are produced simultaneously from 3 nether portals placed semi-randomly in the room. The beams will hit Netherspite or the first player standing between the portal and him. The beam effects stack each second (up to 50), and there are 3 colors (see below). You will see a colored portal spawn at the start of phase 1; the same color beam is emitted a few seconds after this.

Once a buff "ticks out" (player leaves the beam long enough to lose the debuff - 8-20 sec, or uses a shield to dispel it), another debuff is applied to the player called Nether Exhaustion, which prevents him from intercepting that color beam for the next 90 sec, thus a rotation for each of the beams is required.

Red Beam
  • Perseverance (red) - Tank beam:
    • Lasts for 20 sec after leaving the beam.
    • Hits Netherspite:
      • Damage taken reduced by 1% per tick.
    • Hits Player:
      • Netherspite will aggro you.
      • Damage taken is reduced by 1% per tick.
      • Defense increased by 5 per tick.
      • Health is modified - the first application gives +31,000 maximum health, with additional stacks reducing maximum health by 1000 per stack.
      • It is NOT NECESSARY to heal the person in this beam, as their health is restored to maximum every tick as their maximum health is decreased.
Green Beam
  • Serenity (green) - Healer beam:
    • Lasts for 10 sec after leaving the beam.
    • Hits Netherspite:
      • Heals for +4000 health per tick. (Stacking so it heals for 4K, 8K, 12K, 16K etc. -- it is very important not to let Netherspite get hit by this beam.)
    • Hits Player:
      • Healing done is increased by 5% per tick.
      • Spell cost reduced by 1% per tick.
      • Maximum mana reduced by 200. Stacks up until your total mana pool reaches 0. Affects druids in feral forms as well.
Blue Beam
  • Dominance (blue) - DPS beam:
    • Lasts for 8 sec after leaving the beam.
    • Hits Netherspite:
      • +1% spell damage increase per tick.
    • Hits Player:
      • Damage dealt is increased by 5% per tick.
      • Healing received reduced by 1%.
      • Damage taken by spells is increased by 8%.
Aggro will snap to whoever is standing in the Red Beam. If no one is in the Red Beam, Netherspite uses his standard aggro table. Players should block all three beams as soon as possible in the fight. The beams are generally handed out using the following criteria:

Red Beam - Main tank, you'll need two of them, rotating between each phase. The red beam gives you the massive healing and health needed to tank Netherspite. Duck into it to gain aggro and fill your health, then duck out for a brief second or two to prevent stacking (Note: you can duck out for a short time before gaining exhaustion. You must be careful not to stay out long enough to gain the exhaustion.) This continues until the phase is over, with the 2nd tank picking up next Portal Phase.

Blue Beam - DPS classes, generally two of some sort. While damage increases rapidly, healing is reduced, and the shadow aura deals increasingly massive damage. A warlock is generally recommended to drain life through this, although most DPS classes can do it. A warlock will gather massive aggro, which can be a problem during Portal Phase transitions. Those who stay in the beam for long periods of time are advised to stack Shadow Resistance, as an aura resist at massive stacks will be huge.

Green Beam - The "healer" beam, however, the red beam actually heals the tank, so many guilds simply have a manaless DPS class, such as a rogue, tank this beam. This is the most important beam to block, if left unattended even for a little bit, it can heal Netherspite to full. If healers are used, be sure to rotate two a phase, to prevent them from being totally drained of mana.

Those not tanking will be DPSing, or raid healing.

Banish Phase

The Banish phase lasts about 30 sec :
  • Netherspite is banished, remains mostly stationary, still vulnerable to all damage.
  • Netherspite is still able to deal melee damage to you during the banish phase if you get too close to it.
  • Randomly fires Netherbreath hitting ~4 people in the raid, inflicting 4-5k arcane damage and knocking the victims away. This is a cone area effect spell. Depending on positioning, it is possible to outrange this ability.
Stacking Arcane Resist more or less negates Nether Breath entirely. There are two separate resist checks, one for the knockback, the other for the damage. 300 or so AR will make the wearer essentially immune to this phase. Stacking resist gear is more practical in this fight than others, as successful beam management is far more important than high DPS.

Alternatively, one can continue DPS during this phase outside of range, as most casters should have spells with 36 yard range and hunters can shoot from beyond that. Simply leave the tank and a healer in range, and most of his breaths should miss entirely. The tank should be on the opposite side of the DPS group, as once he targets someone WITHIN range and casts the breath will also hit ~3-4 other people within the cone regardless of range.
After 30 seconds Netherspite will unbanish and begin attacking the person with the highest aggro. Be warned, until someone is intercepting the red beam, he uses a standard aggro table, generally meaning the blue beam tank is his target. He cannot be taunted, so it may be advisable to use positioning tricks to keep him away from that person for a few seconds.

Note that the banish phase "can" last a few seconds longer if he's in the process of casting nether breath.

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Re: [Karazhan] Netherspite

As a 0/21/40 destrolock I take the entire duration of the first blue beam with the VW sacrifice health regen buff and tell the healers to ignore me. As soon as it's over I insta-pet the felpup and sacrifice to go back to my mana regen buff then basically just DPS the rest of the fight and let the 2 mages and shadowpriest take the rest of the blue beams.
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Re: [Karazhan] Netherspite

Any warlock can tank the entire blue beam by just chain casting drain life. As a note, though, although threat isnt really a problem in the portal phase, outside of the portal phase, dots that may have been placed when the blue beam was stacked on you will do massive damage (and thus aggro). I had heard stories of huge COD hits when you have the blue beam stacked high. what they don't tell you, however, is that they quickly gained aggro and died because that COD hit for 30k just generated about 30k threat. Also, it lands in the banish phase so there is no one on a red beam to hold absolute aggro.

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Re: [Karazhan] Netherspite

Netherspite is a very fun and easy fight it seems if things are done correctly.
For each beam: Red-2 tanks, simple, running in and out or "bobbing" out of this beam will help prevent it stacking to quickly, be careful that it doesn't wear off and the tank get nether exhaustion.
Green Beam: Rogue or Warrior, This beam isn't such a necessity in the fight, it's more a beam you want to have someone in so it doesn't tick on Netherspite, healing him. A Rogue or Warrior can stand in this beam, spamming abilities for very little rage/energy with no ill-effects attached.
Blue beam-2 Warlocks can hold this beam. Having someone ready to switch in is defiantly a good idea. Very simple, throw dots, drain life and you should have no problems with tanking it the whole time. *WARNING* after about 20+ stacks of this beams, the void zones can easily one shot you if you do not move quick enough.
Also throwing a Curse of Doom with 50 stacks of this beam on you will inflict catastrophic damage to Netherspite. With only 30 stacks and without amplify curse, mine was able to hit for 23k
Another helpful hint:Netherspite is in fact a demon, so Illidari bane mage blade can be very nice
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Re: [Karazhan] Netherspite

Originally Posted by Debuff View Post
Any warlock can tank the entire blue beam by just chain casting drain life. As a note, though, although threat isnt really a problem in the portal phase, outside of the portal phase, dots that may have been placed when the blue beam was stacked on you will do massive damage (and thus aggro). I had heard stories of huge COD hits when you have the blue beam stacked high. what they don't tell you, however, is that they quickly gained aggro and died because that COD hit for 30k just generated about 30k threat. Also, it lands in the banish phase so there is no one on a red beam to hold absolute aggro.
Not really. If you use COD right as the portal phase ends while you still have the buff, it will land during the next portal phase. I do this all the time with no issues. My highest amped, trinketed COD landed for 40400 with ~1100 +shadow (raid buffed)
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Karazhan, Netherspite

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