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[Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

Prince Malchezaar

Prince Malchezaar is a raid boss located at the very top of the Karazhan instance. Due to his location at the top of Karazhan, he is considered by many to be the tower's final boss. However, some used to consider the creature Nightbane to be the true final boss of Karazhan, due to his superior difficulty in the early days of the dungeon's release. Their comparative difficulty is now disputed. He can be encountered after the Chess Event.
1,100,000 Health, ?? Mana
Burning Abyssal - Every 45 seconds or so, Malchezaar will summon an Abyssal which, about 3 seconds after landing, casts a Hellfire AoE roughly the size of the one Baron Geddon uses. Each Abyssal lives for about 180 secs, and there is no limit for how many of them can be up at the same time. Typically you will have 3-5 Abyssals up at a time until the end of Phase 2 (see below), after which they will start increasing rapidly. These Abyssals are stationary, and can be avoided by the raid. They cannot be targeted or attacked. Malchezaar exclaims one of two emotes to announce an Abyssal: "You face not Malchezaar alone, but the legions I command!" or "All realities, all dimensions are open to me!".
Enfeeble - Periodically Enfeebles 5 people chosen at random (excluding his primary target), which reduces their max hit points to 1, and healing effects and health regen to 0% for about 7 seconds. Do not try to heal these people as it will do nothing. Enfeebled people must stay 30+ yards away from Malchezaar to avoid getting hit by Shadow Nova, and watch out for Abyssals. After the Enfeeble has faded, players return to their previous health. Vampiric effects such as Siphon Life ignore Enfeeble.
Shadow Nova - Malchezaar will cast Shadow Nova (3-second-cast) 3-5 seconds after Enfeeble. It has a range of 30 yards, deals about 3000 shadow damage, and includes a knock-back. This attack can be outranged by healers and ranged DPS, so even if they are enfeebled it does not cause much concern. Melee must get out of range, however as long as they start running right away they will have plenty of time to avoid the Shadow Nova. This attack can be resisted.

Shadow Word: Pain - Cast periodically on his primary target. Can be dispelled. Cannot be reflected. 1500 damage per tick. During phase 3 he will start casting it on random targets.

Thrash - Gains 2 additional attacks against current target. Malchezaar uses this ability somewhat randomly, with a few seconds to up to a few dozen seconds between each use.

Flying Axes - During Phase 3, he unleashes his axes as a separate attacking entity. They deal physical damage and appear to have Demonic Frenzy as they start out hitting each new target for only about 400 on cloth, while ramping up to 2000 a hit.

(Courtesy of multiple sources until Hestocklem writes his version. Further enhancements will be taken from your replies.)

Phase 1

When Malchezaar is agro’ed our MT will pull position his back to the wall allowing the Prince’s back to be in view of the raid. He will enfeeble 5 random people excluding whoever has his agro for 7 seconds, brining their max health to 1 and can not be healed, anyone afflicted by enfeeble should immediately stop what they are doing and run away. Malchezaar will cast a 3 second long cast, Shadow Nova right after; it hits for about 3500 shadow damage and has a knock back effect. After the enfeeble wears off the player’s health will return to normal. At 60% health phase 2 begins.

Phase 2

Malchezaar will dual wield his axes and greatly increase his melee damage. In this phase he gets a melee boost, he can now cleave and use sunder armor against the MT. At 30% health phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3

He will discontinue using Enfeeble and throw his axes, they will float around attacking players at random, and can deal damage quickly. Healers will need to watch everyone in this phase not just the MT.

Our Role:
Information will be taken from your replies...

Kill Movies:
Looking for a good quality kill movie - please post link below if you know of one. (Must be to be able to imbed it)

To see all drops, please click here.

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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

Our role is dead simple on this fight: we DPS the boss and mind the infernal's AoEs. In other words, there's no difference in this fight compared to other ranged DPS.

The warlock in the MT group just needs to park his imp close to the MT/Boss at the start of the fight to that he can still get the stamina buff even if you have to relocate during the fight to avoid AoEq.

The tricky part is that sucess is partly based on pure luck (or lack thereof): sometimes abysals pop zones will result in raid wipes and there's nothing you can do about it. It's worth it though: just look at the loot table: the best one hand up to SSC where you get the Leviathan sword if you're lucky, one of the best cape out there and of course one of our T4 piece.
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

Yeah, not a hard fight, needs decent DPS and a good deal of luck. You can spot an infernal landing and roughly see where it will land. Also the animation of Infernals hellfire is larger then the damage range of it, just don't stand on the charred ground around the infernals.
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

easy warlock fight.
DPS boss,
keep at max range to avoid enfeeble. have one of the ranged healers stand at "safe ground"
pray for good fortune with regard to the infernals and where they land. have one of the ranged call the landing position
more DPS on boss
make sure healers know about it if the axes in phase 3 are targeting you
loot the dagger and helm if you can
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70 Undead Warlock
arak arahm Euro PvP
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

Dagger, helm AND drape. The latter is really worth "need"ing.
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

We got to the Prince for the first time last night and downed him on the 2nd try, once our MT got the feel of moving away from the infernals. Extremely easy fight for ranged and warlocks, just dot, dps, and make sure you're not in range of any infernal aoe or shadow nova when enfeebled.

However, as good as his loot table is for us locks, do you think he was nice enough to drop the dagger, helm, drape, or even necklace (two months in Kara and still no Rittysyn's <sigh>) for me? Noooo.......!
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

A huge thankyou to Minidevil of the guild White Eagles (server unsure) for shooting me through an email and letting me know of their videos of Karazhan bosses! I'm always interested in the fights from a Warlock's perspective!

There normally of our 1st or 2nd downs so not the best of kills, but each are from my point of view (full aff lock) and arnt to bad.
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

Don't forget to cast Sense Demons.

(You can see the Infernals parked on the minimap)
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

enfeeble is about 20-25 yards reach. if you stay at atleast 30 yards it will be no problem for casters and you can continue dps while being enfeebled ;)
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Re: [Karazhan] Prince Malchezaar

We did it this past week by keeping us and the Prince positioned just right.

If you go into the spot where the fight is, and walk along the back wall to the left of the door, you'll find a floor tile that's a little more blue than the rest of the tiles. All the ranged DPS and healers stand on that tile.

Then, the MT goes and tanks the prince another 15 yards up that wall, where there's an indentation in it. With his back in that indentation, the knockback has no real effect.

The trick is, that blue tile is "safe". No infernals ever landed there. I got enfeebled a few times, but just kept on dpsing and didn't have to worry. The melee DPSers have a bit of a harder time if enfeebled, they've got to run away. But if you keep the Prince tanked in place and your dps/heal on the safe spot, you're good.

I didn't actually get to see the fight. I was stuck underneath a druid in treeform the whole time. I just DPSed my heart out, and remembered to soulshatter the first time I got above 90% threat. We downed the prince, first try, with a group made up of some newbies, and only two of whom had even made an attempt on the Prince before. So, it's pretty good.
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Karazhan, malchezaar, prince, Prince Malchezaar

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