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[Karazhan] Shade of Aran

Shade of Aran

The Shade of Aran is a boss in the abandoned tower of Karazhan. He is the spirit of Nielas Aran. He is located in the Guardian's Library, which is a small, circular room (about 45 yards in diameter), with one door that closes and locks as soon as the fight begins. After Aran's dead a teleport to his room becomes available from Berthold the Doorman, and all trash mobs from the Curator to Aran (exc. one pack outside Illhoof's door), will cease to respawn. The packs above his library are linked to Netherspite.
900,000 Health, ?? Mana
Frostbolt - 3 sec cast, ~ 4400 frost damage and 4 sec slow
Fireball - 3 sec cast, ~ 4400 fire damage
Arcane Missiles - 5 sec channeled, 5x1500 arcane damage (7500 total)
Chains of Ice - 10 second Root, does not break on damage. Dispellable.
Slow - Reduces movement and melee attack speed by a considerable amount for 10 seconds. Dispellable.
AoE Counterspell - 10 yard radius AoE around Aran, occurs very often. Locks out schools of magic for 6 sec

(Courtesy of multiple sources until Hestocklem writes his version. Further enhancements will be taken from your replies.)

The problem in this fight is that the whole raid must learn to avoid damage. The Shade of Arans basic attacks are not very dangeous, but the special attacks are deadly. Each raid member must pay attention which attack is upcoming, nobody can sit back and just do their usual routine. Once everybody learns how to move (or when not to move), the fight actually becomes rather easy.

In order to avoid the Magnetic Pull/Arcane Explosion everybody must run to the outer wall of the room, the Blizzard forces people towards the center (or the other side of the room), and Flame Wreath inhibits movement. Beyond this, casters want to stay outside the AoE silence and classes with spell interrupt abilities want to concentrate on what he's casting.

The encounter cannot be reset, corpse runs are not possible during the fight because the door is locked.

Our Role:
Information will be taken from your replies...

Kill Movies:
Looking for a good quality kill movie - please post link below if you know of one. (Must be to be able to imbed it)

To see all drops, please click here.

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Recommended Guide

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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

Just wanted to add that the purpose of the interputs is not only to stop some of his damage but is to keep his mana up.

might sound odd but if he looses too much he will mass sheep the raid and pyroblast nova everyone after a little drink.

I have only done this fight once on my Warlock so cant add much more sorry.
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

his mana needs to be 10% lower than his hp otherwise it's a jokes
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

The whole rundown on Aran, warlockwise:

It'll be rare that you are asked to help with the Interrupting, but if it happens be prepared. Depending on raid-DPS your raidleader will have you pursue one of two distinct strategies:
1.) Interrupt his Frost/Fire spells shortly before they finish casting to both minimize Aran's damage and minimize his mana-usage. In this strategy one generally aims to defeat him completely before he gets to drink.
2.) Interrupt only his Arcane (and sometimes Frost) school, and early - speeding his mana-usage. In this strategy the aim is to let him drink at ~50% at latest, intentionally taking the Pyroblast, using a HS+Pot to make sure no one dies, then take it lazy from there.

In either case, make sure to tend to your pet, pull it out of all danger, use the Spell Lock whenever it is up, and most importantly use Devour Magic against Slow and Chains of Ice. Especially the latter, since he does that before Blizzard, and you don't want someone stuck in a blizzard.

The 4 Water Elementals are Fearable and Banishable. Quickly Banish one, then Fear another, THEN tab through other two and CoT them. Keep Fear, Banish and CoT up, priorize that above all damage during that time (dodging his spells is still very important ofc). Curse of Tongues cuts their damage a big part.
It might also be that your raidleader wants to kill a few of them, in this case you should ask to be given Assistant so you can mark the first kill - makes it easier to sort your CC on them.

If you're with 2 Warlocks, make sure both of you Banish first, then Fear, and keep CoTs on the feared elementals just in case. The last you want is time lost on not knowing which is yours to CC, so Voicechat helps a lot.

Priorize DoTs. You'll be moving a lot in this fight, a whole lot.
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

Kill fight from my (affliction) POV.

High-res download link is in the youtube description.
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

I really hate this guy Watch out for the changes between the blizzard and flame wreath, as well. It's no fun focusing on avoiding the blizzard when you accidentally activate the flame wreath that suddenly appears around you... Boss mods are highly recommended for this fight.
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

More cliff notes from Kiralyn

Shade of Aran

* Tanks - Whats a tank?
* Melee DPS - Maintain interupts on casted spells. DPS like mad. Run out as soon as everyone else gets pulled in.
* Ranged DPS - Pick up interupts as directed, avoid Blizzard like the plauge. Nuke your heart out.
* Healers - Watch to see who is eating Arcane Missles and heal accordingly. Reposition as necessary for AE and Blizz.
* General - Adds at 40%, be ready. /chants 'I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows up.'
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

Worth noting that he will target people with low hitpoints and keep nuking them down until the healers bring them back up - don't make yourself a target by life-tapping too hard.

His pyro is very survivable if everyone saves their healthstone for this.

Be careful that all three of his schools are not interrupted - should this happen he will revert to melee and the traditional agro table, and start 2-shotting rogues and clothies.
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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

I can't say for sure, as I've never been to Karazhan but I figured I'd put this up. It looks pretty helpful in explaining how to avoid, and fight Shade of Aran.

The player even details things during the fight. It's pretty much a video with a How To in it.

EDIT: Oh yea. This same video poster has videos for all the Karazhan bosses.

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Re: [Karazhan] Shade of Aran

When Aran casts his fire special attack (sorry I don't remember the name), do not move AND do not rotate (so as to center the boss in our LoS for example). It's ok to "drain life" from him though: this will rotate you but won't proc the fire spell.

Lastly, using a spellstone will cancel the slowing debuff when Aran casts the arcane pull but is not necessary: you have ample time to walk out of the spell zone.
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aran, Karazhan, shade, Shade of Aran

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