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[Karazhan] Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is a worgen boss in the Opera House event in Karazhan. This event requires at least 1 person on the stage to start. If you fail to have a player on the stage to talk to the old lady, you will be stuck outside the stage door. If this happens, the event will be stuck, unable to reset.
380,000 Health, ?? Mana
Terrifying Howl - AoE fear, for melee range, casts every 30 seconds or so.
Little Red Riding Hood - Transforms a random member of the party into Little Red Riding Hood. Increases their speed by 50% and transfers all agro onto that person. (big bad wolf chases you). Big Bad Wolf goes back to tank after debuff goes away.
This boss is considered the easiest out of the three events.

To start the event, talk to the NPC behind the stage and have everybody walk out with him. He'll tell a small story, which will hint you to what event you've gotten. If you got the Big Bad Wolf, when the curtain opens, there will be a grandma standing there. Talk with her and she'll morph into the Big Bad Wolf. Have any kind of tank pick her up, and drag her into a corner (my guild found that top right was best) and start tanking her. The rest of the raid should clump up in another corner (back right) and hold DPS for a while.

The boss will cast his Little Red Riding Hood on somebody and run off to chase them. The person that got transformed, should run around the stage trying to get the wolf stuck in the stand up props and avoid him as much as possible. Healers should be spamming heals on Little Red Riding Hood. The tank should be running around sundering and meleeing the boss while he's chasing somebody. When the debuff runs out he'll run back to the tank, and the tank should drag him to the corner again. Now DPS should start (after 1 chase).

Rinse and repeat until he dies.

Our Role:
In this fight, our roll is to DPS. Once again, watch agro. It's probably best to hold off DPS until one 'chase' has passed, because the tank will have trouble building a lot of agro while the boss is chasing somebody.

If you get Little Red Riding Hood, start running around the stage until you loose the debuff. It's similar to the Buru the Gorger fight in AQ 20.

Kill Movies:
Kill video of Big Bad Wolf from a Destruction Warlock's Point of View. (filmed by me). A lot of people died in this video, but it's very hard to keep everybody alive in this event. (We also had bad agro management)

To see all drops, please click here.

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Recommended Guide

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Re: [Karazhan] Big Bad Wolf

This information was taken from a current guide being put together by Hestocklem, which is why the original post is under their name. In everything we do however, there is always room for improvement, so please help by contributing any additional information, strategies and tips.

As with all previous boss threads, information and improvements will be taken from your replies.
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Re: [Karazhan] Big Bad Wolf

A huge thankyou to Minidevil of the guild White Eagles (server unsure) for shooting me through an email and letting me know of their videos of Karazhan bosses! I'm always interested in the fights from a Warlock's perspective!

There normally of our 1st or 2nd downs so not the best of kills, but each are from my point of view (full aff lock) and arnt to bad.
Whether you're a forum expert, newbie or just want a good laugh...
Everyone can learn something from : Posting And You...

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