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[Karazhan] Moroes


Moroes <Tower Steward> is an undead rogue boss found in Karazhan. He is not optional, killing Moroes unlocks the Opera Event, which in turn opens the door to the Curator.
378,000 Health, No Mana
Vanish: Vanishes... like the rogue's ability. DoTs nor Fairy Fire will take him out of it.
Garrote: After Moroes comes out of vanish, he will immediately Garrote a random member of the raid. This debuff will do 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 5 minutes. It can only be removed by a Paladin's bubble, or a dwarf's stone form.
Blind: Moroes will blind the person with the second-highest agro. This will make them wander around for a while like the rogue's blind. It's a poison and can be removed.
Gouge: Moroes will gouge the main tank causing Moroes to attack the person with the second highest agro.
Enrage: Moroes will enrage at 30% health.
The tactics for Moroes depends a lot on who you took on your raid, and which adds you got.

Moroes is pulled along with four adds that can all be CCed by Paladin fear, Shackle, and frost trap. They can also be DPSed down reasonably fast. Depending on how much CC, healing and DPS you have. It might be better to kill them all, or CC two of them and come back to them after you down Moroes. Each add has different abilities which makes them similar to different classes.

You can get 6 different mobs:
Baron Rafe Dreuger - Retribution Paladin. Can dispel Shackles, Buffs other mobs
Baroness Dorothea Milstipe - Shadow Priest. Mana Burn
Lady Catriona Von'Indi - Holy Priest. Heals, Can dispel Shackles
Lady Keira Berrybuck - Holy Paladin. Heals, Can dispel Shackles
Lord Crispin Ference - Protection Warrior. Lots of HP
Lord Robin Daris - Mortal Strike Warrior. Lots of HP, Mortal Strike, Cleave
It's up to your group how you want to deal with the adds.

Now, on to the fight...

Moroes should be tanked by two people. An Off-tank needs to be ready to pick up Moroes when he gouges the tank. Every so often, Moroes will vanish for a few seconds and pop out behind somebody. He will put the debuff Garrote on that person, then run back to the main tank. He will also blind the off-tank which needs to be removed because if he decides to gouge the main tank, he'll go off killing DPS and healers. At 30%, DPS needs to burn him down as fast as they can before the healers can't keep up with the damage anymore. Remember for Paladins to bubble anybody with garrote whenever they can, and for dwarfs to use stoneskin.

Our Role:
Our role in this fight is once again to DPS as hard as we can. Remember to focus all DPS on one add at a time to get them down as fast as possible. Agro isn't too much of an issue this fight because the tank will be building agro all the time you are killing adds. Watch agro near end of fight though, maybe Soul Shatter around 30% when he enrages.

Note: In between vanishes is a great time to life tap and not interrupt your DPS.

Kill Movies:
Kill video of Moroes (minus last two adds, easily killed) from a Destruction Warlock's Point of View. (filmed by me).

To see all drops, please click here.

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Recommended Guide

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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

This information was taken from a current guide being put together by Hestocklem, which is why the original post is under their name. In everything we do however, there is always room for improvement, so please help by contributing any additional information, strategies and tips.

As with all previous boss threads, information and improvements will be taken from your replies.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

In our kara group we usually keep 2 adds shackled and kill 2 then we all dps moroes while we keep the 2 adds shackled the whole fight. If we only have one priest we kill 3 and keep one shackled. So basically we keep the pally's bubble for the priest/priests. After that we soulstone in fight the next non pally / non dwarf and obviously non tank that get the garrote.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

Usually kill order on adds are as such

Cloth ones first, ie kill Lady Catriona Von'Indi, Baroness Dorothea Milstipe as hey hit fairly light and can be kicked and stunned to death to avoid any of there nasty heals and mana burn if they break CC.

Keep the plate all CC'd If you manage to pick up all four plate then the suggested kill order is the ret pally and the holy pally go down first.

After that keep the two others CC'd till moroes is dead. Killing moroes is an easy task.

Things you need to know are.

Two tanks required, if they get garotted dont bother removing as they are getting heals aways. Dwarf tanks can stoneform out of it, pally tanks can bubble but its not suggested if his the main tank. Normally you just heal through the garotte if your a tank.

Dealin with garotte is easy, dwarfs can stoneform, mages can iceblock, pally can bubble (should be saved for healers). You can try to avoid garotte by simplely running or jumping towards the outsides of the room, this will reduce the chance he will garotte you.

Warlocks role is to usually keep the dots up for contant dps, keep CoE or CoS for the rest of the raid on the moroes an the adds when required. Main job is to stay alive since killing the final to adds with non dps might result in a wipe.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

I would like to add that apart from if Daris (the add which can whirlwind) is being shackled really close to you, letting your pet attack is 100% safe in this encounter, all the time.

As such, always be sure to do it - even an unspecced Imp can be a lot of extra damage.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

Note that as warlocks you can drain thru the garrotte. Usually one of our healers will toss a HoT my way to be safe and to keep me alive during the next vanish...

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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

Originally Posted by connico View Post
You can try to avoid garotte by simplely running or jumping towards the outsides of the room, this will reduce the chance he will garotte you.
Can I ask is it possible for the whole tank to be running or jumping when he varnish to avoid garotte altogether or is it the case that even if the whole raid si moving, someone will still get garotted?
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

I don't think that there is a way to reduce the chance you get garroted. From what I've seen, Moroes will just garrote completely randomly. I don't think that he will stop chacing you or he'll just catch up.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

Some of my observations from this fight:

Dot's are your friend, continuing to do damage while he is vanished. I re-apply early if they will run out during a vanish.
Given our ability (esp. Aff locks) to regain our own health, you should ask your healers to focus on other classes when/if garrotted. Take one for the team.
Again, if affliction based don't waste mana on the dotting the cloth adds, nuke em down even if not specced for it. I usually CoW Moroes at the start and Lord Robin Daris too, anything you can do to reduce healing needed is great here.
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Re: [Karazhan] Moroes

We normally shackle 3 and kill the Baroness Dorothea Milstipe.

Have ranged Dps stand in 2 groups away from each other, I normally soulfire her to get aggro, curse of tongues (as I am less squishy then mages and can put up shadow ward vs her mind flay). Then Nuke her FTW.

The other Ranged dps job is to pull aggro from me so she spends time moving back between the 2 groups as each grab aggro - use shadowfury to stop her casts (esp heal) mages will be using counterspell also.

More times than not (especially if you get a soulfire crit for 5k+) you will have reasonably solid aggro - just make sure healers know the score.

This way all primary nukers in the raid go full out and also give the tank time to obtain real solid aggro on moroes.

Two additional tactics I have seen :

COS on Shackled adds = Less chance of Shackle Breaking for Priests (otherwise it will break quite a bit)

SoulStone = keep SS back until a non tank is garotted that cannot be removed by the methods listed - then put ss on them in combat m let them blow all their mana quick while they die from garotte (non heals on them) the they pop the ss get a few heals and they are back in the fight (and with zero on the aggro tables).

Voidy Suffering on SHackled Adds

Not personally used this one but a macro to have your voidy cast suffering while in passive on each shackled add in turn (and have voidy parked away from the party) will mean when the shackle breaks it will run to the voidy and not the Priest giving time for reshackle without the adds running into the party and hitting the re-shackling priest or other party members.

Assume you could sac the voidy on garrotte also, but you will still have the debuff when sacrifice ends :(
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Baron Rafe Dreuger, Baroness Dorothea Milstipe, Karazhan, Lady Catriona Von'Indi, Lady Keira Berrybuck, Lord Crispin Ference, Lord Robin Daris, Moroes

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