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5.2 and Warlocks Mar 05, 2013 - 3:07 PM - by D1RE
5.2 will hit the live realms today and tomorrow (depending on where you live). Here is the short version for Warlocks.

P.S. If people wish to discuss the new green fire, please make a separate topic for that so that players who do not wish to have the storyline spoiled for them can still take part in the discussion here without fear of spoilers.

  • Fel Armor now reduces damage taken by 10%, instead of increasing the Warlock’s armor.
  • Blood Fear has been replaced by Blood Horror. Blood Horror costs 5% health, has 1 charge, and lasts 60 seconds with a 30-second cooldown. While Blood Horror is active, melee attacks that strike the Warlock will cause the attacker to be horrified for 4 seconds.
  • Burning Rush now also prevents movement-impairing effects from reducing the Warlock’s movement speed below 100% of normal, in addition to its other effects.
  • The Imp ability Blood Pact has been removed.
  • Dark Intent now increases Stamina in addition to Spell Power.
  • Immolate now deals 20% more damage.
  • Shadow Bolt now deals 15% more damage.
  • Soul Leech now provides an absorption shield instead of healing.
  • Sacrificial Pact now requires the pet to sacrifice 25% of its health to activate (was 50%).
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning is now a passive talent, and its activated ability has been removed.
  • The passive damage from Archimonde's Vengeance no longer has a visual effect.
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice now increases the damage of abilities by 15% (was 25%) for Destruction Warlocks and 35% (was 50%) for Affliction Warlocks. In addition, it now provides the spell Whiplash instead of Seduction when a Succubus is sacrificed.
  • Glyph of Burning Embers has been removed and its effects are now baseline for Destruction Warlocks.
  • Glyph of Soul Shards has been removed and its effects are now baseline for Affliction Warlocks.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Ember Tap. This glyph increases the healing gained from Ember Tap by 33%, but the health is restored over 10 seconds.
  • New Glyph: Glyph of Drain Life. This glyph increases the healing gained from Drain Life by 30%.
  • Glyph of Unstable Affliction has been redesigned. This glyph now reduces the cast time of Unstable Affliction by 25%.


  • Unstable Affliction’s backlash effect is now always a critical hit and deals approximately 15% more damage.


  • Chaos Wave now has a new visual.
  • Hand of Gul'dan now deals 15% more damage.
  • Shadowflame now deals 15% more damage.
  • Soul Fire now deals 22% more damage.
  • Touch of Chaos now deals 15% more damage.
  • Wild Imp's Firebolt now deals 15% more damage.


  • Conflagrate now deals 20% more damage.
  • Fire and Brimstone now has a radius of 10 yards (was 15 yards).
  • Incinerate now deals 10% more damage.

Warlocks can now undertake a solo adventure that culminates with the ability to change the color of their Fire spells to appear Fel green. The quest begins for those Warlocks determined or fortunate enough to have laid their hands on the fabled Codex of Xerrath.
Shape up or ship out! Jan 15, 2013 - 4:27 AM - by D1RE
I'm just going to put it here on the front page now since people seem to have trouble grasping it. This it the Den, this is not the official forums or MMO-Champion. For years we have taken pride in good and civil debates. Sure, it slips from time to time and that's okay. Arguments can get heated. Thing is, lately it seems some people have found it too easy to hit the post button before considering if what they're writing is appropriate for these forums and the tone we like to keep here so I now feel forced to say that I will be running a far stricter policy when it comes to insults.

I don't want to ban people, that's the least fun part of being a moderator (yes, even more so than dealing with spam bots), but this is getting out of hand I will not let this forum degenerate into the kind of trash you can find elsewhere on the web. So people, next time you're about to hit the post button in reply to someone you disagree with think twice about how you word and if you're attacking the argument or the person posting it.
Thanks to the active reporters on the Den Aug 14, 2012 - 1:30 PM - by D1RE
It really makes it a lot easier for me when people use the report button for spam. I won't mention names, but you know who you are. Thank you.

EDIT: With the recent amount of spam posts it's very important that members do not click any links in posts that seem even slightly suspicious.
Urgent: Important Security Update! Aug 10, 2012 - 12:31 AM - by Aghast
I am just reading that there was a security breach at Blizzard and hackers gained some info. At this point your accounts should still be secure. They only took some email addresses, answers to your security question and information about the dial in Authenticators. They also got the encrypted passwords(not the real ones but the stored ones that are unusable in that form)

The US accounts have the greatest problems.

Here is the full link with the info

As a mater of precaution change your secret question and answer and change your password(US servers especially).

Also expect a huge wave of spam and fake login pages targeted to the stolen information.
No financial data was stolen(credit card info, real names and addresses)

Later Edit:
It seems that you cannot change the secret question from the Account webpage. Blizzard will flag US accounts for secret question reset.

Later Edit2:

More info and FAQ here:
Important Security Update FAQ - Support
Huge Warlock buff!! Aug 09, 2012 - 9:23 AM - by D1RE
Warlock (Forums / Skills)
Unstable Affliction was buffed by 25% in the current build. Either the tooltip or the data-mining suggest otherwise.

Malefic Grasp is currently not causing extra 50% ticks from the Seed of Corruption DoT effect, is this intended? The Tooltip for MG reads "all your other affliction periodic damage effects", and the dot component of SOC should surely fall under that description.
That seems totally fair, we’ll try to get that in, but it may be a few builds.

i've noticed the Demonic Gateway transports you slowly if going from the purple one to the green one. is it indended?
This just in! Huge buff to warlocks! Purple Gateway now transports you just as fast as Green Gateway, a 50% buff.
Mists of Pandaria release date has been confirmed Jul 25, 2012 - 1:57 PM - by D1RE
Heroes of Azeroth, prepare to embark for an exotic new frontier! World of Warcraft®: Mists of Pandaria™ is launching on September 25, 2012 and you can be ready to play when the servers go live by pre-purchasing the game digitally. Plus, for the first time ever, players will have the option to upgrade a pre-purchase to the all-new Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with all of the in-game items from the retail Collector’s Edition, including a World of Warcraft pet and mount, banner sigil and accent for Diablo® III, and® portraits for StarCraft® II.

Beginning September 25, 2012, World of Warcraft players around the world will be able to set sail for the long-lost continent of Pandaria, where they’ll explore forgotten dungeons, vanquish risen evils, and play their part in the Horde-Alliance conflict as it reaches a critical breaking point.

Whether you plan to level your existing character to 90 or start fresh with a new pandaren monk, it’s never too early to begin preparing for your adventure. Simply
log in to your® account, and then pre-purchase Mists of Pandaria. You’ll then be flagged to automatically download the expansion content prior to release so you’ll be ready to go when the game launches.

During the pre-purchase process, you’ll have the option to grab either the
Mists of Pandaria Standard Edition for $39.99 USD or the all-new Digital Deluxe edition for $59.99 USD -- or, if you snag the standard edition now and decide you want to upgrade to Digital Deluxe later, you’ll have the opportunity to do so for an additional $20.

The Digital Deluxe edition includes a full digital copy of the expansion, as well as a selection of Pandaria-inspired in-game content for World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and StarCraft II. If you’re looking for even more plunder, a special
Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition with additional bonus items will also be available exclusively at select retail locations for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD.

For more details on the September 25, 2012 release of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, be sure to hit the official press release, or head to our new Mists of Pandaria game page to learn more about the expansion and prepurchase your digital copy.

*When you pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, you will be able to download an encrypted version of the game once it’s available, prior to the game’s release. This content will be unlocked and available
Some Warlock Q&A Jun 23, 2012 - 3:28 PM - by D1RE
Warlock (Forums)
You seem to have given the Succubus (and the Shivarra) a “regular” (in the sense that it is not a resource consuming auto-castable ability you can click on and off) auto attack which she does not have on live. Is this a bug? If not, is there any possibility the Imps will get a similar ability since they are now the only pet that doesn't have one?
Yes, this is intended for the Succubus, but we don’t currently have plans for the Imp to get an auto attack. The Imp is intended to stay a pure long range caster.

I have a question about Mastery: Master Demonology and Metamorphosis. This ability gives X% damage bonus in caster form and Y% damage bonus in demon form. The tool tips (which could certainly be wrong and in any case they are somewhat ambiguous even if they are right) imply that when you switch from caster to demon form you KEEP your caster bonus and the demon form bonus is added on top of it. However, when I compare Soul Fire damage (since that ability is available in both forms) with and without Metamorphosis it seems low, as if I was actually LOSING the caster form bonus when I went into Metamorphosis. Regardless of whether the game and/or tool tips are broken, can you tell us if you intend for the caster from bonus to stay or be dropped when you use Metamorphosis?
Master Demonologist’s damage buffs are exclusive between caster and Metamorphosis forms. The amount shown in the tooltip is the total benefit you get from mastery in that form.

3% is huge. If you don't think people are going to drain twist for 3% damage you're crazy.
This is a common phenomenon where players may try to execute a very challenging rotation for a small DPS upgrade and find they do less damage than if they just stuck with the simpler rotation. We like to leave a little bit of room for very skillful players to try their hand at maximizing damage. The huge delta in damage on the same fights should suggest that player skill is still one of the most important components to DPS. Nonetheless, we can probably bring down the theoretical gain to 1% or lower.

As part of my work on SimulationCraft I've been trying to determine exactly how the dot-speedup mechanic of Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul works, and I've decided the way it currently works must be a bug:[BUG] Malefic Grasp in build 15752 - Forums - World of Warcraft
We’re definitely actively investigating that in particular, and I’ll try to get details on exactly how it works for you.

I realize that fel energy regen is bugged, but I was wondering: does the what the fel energy tool tip says, that regen is 10 energy/second, reflect what is supposed to be happening and therefore we should sim with that number?

On a related note, since pets are supposed to be energy limited rather than time limited will energy regen scale with haste or is it intend that pets won't really scale with haste (except for auto-attacks and when starting from 200 energy and cast time is briefly the limiting factor)?

The intended fel energy regen rate is 10 per second, modified by spell haste. If you have 30% haste, your pets should regenerate 13 energy per sec. I’m not sure exactly how it’s bugged right now; I believe it’s actually getting 23 per sec or perhaps 26. Regardless, 10*(1+SpellHaste%) is the intended regen rate.

Even though regen is currently too fast, mathematically at least some of the pets should be able go Out of Energy just by casting their “main” auto-cast ability, but they never do. Using the Felhound as an example, I have seen it sit there and not cast Shadow Bite even when it has more than 60 energy and SB is off cool down. Instead it tends to wait until roughly 100-110 energy before casting, which is great because when I want to cast a time critical ability like Spell Lock there is, or very soon will be, enough energy to use it rather than having to (possibly) build all the way up from zero. Did you do this on purpose or is this a bug?
This is actually intended. We modified the auto-cast functionality to only use their basic attacks when above certain energy thresholds. This has the effect that it still uses energy fast enough to never cap out and waste energy, but pools a significant amount of energy beyond that, for you to manually use on utility spells, or simply burst damage via their basic attack. Hopefully this feels intuitive and useful.

Lastly, I think there needs to be some change to the guardian cooldowns so that we can actually use them on most attempts in raid PvE without having to worry if it will be wasted on a wipe. I won't rehash all of the proposed solutions becuase that's been done enough, but with DS teir being replaced by new gear I am worried about going back to the way things used to be.
We have new tech to reset certain long cooldowns that you’re sometimes tempted to wait around for before each pull (such as Summon Doomguard), when you wipe on an encounter. This tech hasn’t been hooked up to every encounter yet, but you should be able to see this work on some encounters (such as Stone Guard on this Friday). This won’t apply to every long cooldown. Our current rule of thumb is that it applies to cooldowns longer than 5min, but no longer than 10min, but there will be some exceptions to that. It is going to be very subjective which cooldowns are included, but again our rule of thumb is: would reasonable groups kill time waiting for this cooldown to finish before starting an encounter? Please don't lobby for every cooldown you have to be included.

When I go into demon form I start doing some kind of auto-attack (I'm not sure that it actually IS auto attack but it seems like it) and I was hoping you could shed some light on what is happening because it behaves very strangely. If I equip a wand I launch “fire” balls that do white damage and the attack rate is very slow, but if I equip a staff (which has a slower attack speed than the wand) I actually speed up, launch “shadow” balls, and do yellow damage instead, and if I go unarmed it does the same thing as with a staff but less damage and maybe slightly faster.. (BTW, “fire” and “shadow” refer to the graphic you see not the magic type) I haven't yet had a chance to try swords or daggers to see if that makes any difference. What exactly is going on here?
We still have some residual cruft left over from the conversion of wands from ranged weapons to main hand weapons. The intention is currently that while you have a wand equipped, you can effectively shoot your wand as an auto attack from range, just like hunters (simple right click on a mob to auto wand), except not while moving. However, all caster spells should reset this ‘swing timer’ so to speak, so wanding should never be a part of a normal DPS rotation, any more than melee attacking is currently. This is currently working for some wands, but not others, and has some issues which we’re working to resolve. It seems that this auto wanding is also overriding the Metamorphosis Touch of Chaos, which it shouldn’t. You should be safe ignoring wanding for the purposes of DPS modeling, but if anyone finds a way to make use of it for sustained DPS we’d like to hear about it.

Anyway, what you’re really interested in is Touch of Chaos. While in Metamorphosis, you gain Touch of Chaos, which is effectively a ranged Shadow damage auto attack. It fires every 1sec (reduced by spell haste), even while casting.

Is it intended that to get max dps out of pets we have to have a macro that spams their special attack?
No, solving that was one of the primary reasons for the switch to energy on Warlock pets. However, there’s currently a bug which is drastically increasing their energy regen rate, making the balance of the different pets way off, and making them limited by cast times in some cases instead of their energy regen rate, as is intended.

I did some very simple 5 minute pet-only parses on the Raid dummies on my Warlock to compare pet damage, and I found a few issues. All the tests were done with Grimoire of Supremacy, and I did not use macros to force pet attacks. I'll investigate more thoroughly when I have more free time.
We mentioned earlier that warlock pets are all getting almost double the intended amount of energy regen, which is extremely skewing the pet balance. But, I wanted to say that these logs were helpful to have as comparisons as well. Glyph of Demon Training will no longer be a DPS increase when they’re energy limited, rather than time limited. The Void Lord’s damage will go down considerably once it stops spamming Torment non-stop. The Void Lord is intended to be strong DPS while it is actively tanking, but not while not tanking.

In short, shouldn't Grimoire pets do as much dmg as regular pets for that duration and benefit from mastery, crit, haste and sp equally?
Yes. There’s currently a bug where the guardians don’t inherit your stats, making them do considerably less damage.

Seeds of Corruption:Now this spell has turned into an amazing spell compared to its current state on live. You get to keep corruption AND can have 2 seeds on one target (soulburn and regular seed) which is amazing. The question is, How are we suppose to use this spell now? spam seed the same target or do it on multiple ones? The problem is that it takes really long to detonate (cast time + travel time + detonation time) especially if you are trying to seed multiple targets. I am not sure if affliction can keep up with the other classes since the AoE is not bursty and on demand like for example, Mind seer.
We’re trying to focus on ‘how does this work under the hood’ sort of questions, rather than ‘why did you design it this way’ or ‘how are we supposed to use this’ sort of questions, but I’ll comment on this since there’s a few significant changes to Seed of Corruption that I’d like to call out.

Old Seed of Corruption: Broke on any non-proc’d damage from any source. Typically spammed on one target while in a group, and other players’ damage broke it. The ‘non-proc’d’ requirement probably is never even noticed, but includes Seed’s explosion itself. i.e., if you seed multiple mobs, the explosions from one will not pop the others.

New Seed of Corruption: Breaks on any damage from you. The explosion from one (and indeed, any other proc’d damage) CAN pop other nearby seeds.

While this means that Affliction’s ramp up time on AoEing may be longer than most, it does mean that their potential burst (when there’s time to setup the seeds) is incredibly high; Seed multiple mobs and the explosion from one will typically set off all of the others in a chain reaction. 8 Seeds exploding at the same time is probably the most burst AoE damage in the game right now, but also requires significant setup time, so isn’t really “on demand” burst. Still, it should be such that if you’re AoEing near a boss that you have already DoTs up on, it’s easy to Seed the boss and then start seeding the other mobs while your DoTs pop the boss’ seed. Additionally, the ability for Seed of Corruption and Soulburn: Seed of Corruption to stack was unintended, but we’re currently going to leave it and see how that plays out. We may change that in the future (mostly due to it not being intuitive), but will experiment with it for now.

Drain Soul is supposed to replace Affliction filler malefic grasp at certain points in fights, most notably during the execution phase of any fight sub 20%, but it is not currently supported by the talents that are supposed to affect Warlock filler spells (Soul Leach and Affliction's Grimoire of Sacrifice)
The next build should include Drain Soul being affected by Soul Leech and Grimoire of Sacrifice.
Mists of Pandaria Warlock Pet Emotes Jun 01, 2012 - 4:24 AM - by Strafer
Mists of Pandaria Warlock Pet Emotes - YouTube
Looking for Moderators and Newshounds Apr 10, 2012 - 10:43 PM - by Milaulis
With MoP just around the corner, and who knows what behind it, the Den is (hopefully) going to become quite busy. The excitement that these will bring, will also mean that the Den is going to require more upkeep.

First of all, I tip my hat to Fizboz and Falcrist for hanging around and helping when they can. The Den owes them a debt of gratitude. What we need now is some more active mods who can keep the news posted and perform the regular mod duties. So, I'm after at least one, possible two more moderators to help out. Not going to list all the requirements, you've all seen what they do and should have a fair idea what this site is about. (If not, then you're probably not right for the position anyway.) I'm basically after duplications of them... honestly. If I could clone them, I wouldn't need to be making this post.

So, if you think this is something you would be interested in, you have the time every day to keep an eye on things and you think you are of the same mature, polite and cool headedness (that's a word!) as Falcrist and Fizboz, please email me or post in the Contact a Moderator section to show your interest.

-- Milaulis
Buffs and Debuffs in MOP Mar 09, 2012 - 7:57 AM - by fizboz
This post explaining the approach to buffs and debuffs that will be taken in MOP has been shortened to highlight only that which is related to Warlocks. The full post is available at the link above.

One design that we haven’t focused on much yet is the plan for various group buffs and debuffs. Some specs have their buffs in place and some do not. Rather than trying to describe each omission, we thought we’d just dump the whole design on you here. As with the rest of the expansion’s systems, we’re not even in beta yet, so there’s plenty of time for things to change.

First, some underlying design goals, so you might understand where we’re coming from. Our main goals for group buffs are:

  • Make you feel more powerful when grouped with other players.
  • Give you lots of freedom to invite whom you want. This gets to be a problem when there are too many mandatory buffs spread out among too many specs. . .
  • …But not offer too many incentives to class stack. If you can achieve every buff with, say, only three players, then there might be a tendency to fill all of the other slots with whoever is best for a particular situation. Some class stacking is inevitable at the cutting-edge level, but to some extent, the players on the cutting edge of raiding enjoy extreme min-maxing. For the rest of us, we try to make sure you can finish all of the encounters without feeling like you need a huge roster of folks waiting in the wings for their one fight.
  • We tend to be more generous to DPS specs, since groups -- especially raids -- already have ample reasons to bring tanks and healers.
  • We generally don’t want a DPS spec to have to switch to a different spec in the same role just to bring a different buff. An example would be a Combat rogue who has to go Assassination just for a buff. In our experience, players are less likely to switch from a ranged to a melee DPS spec just for a buff, so DPS shaman and DPS druids might bring different buffs.
And finally some notes on the categories below:
  • The list only includes what we consider “traditional” buffs, such as Prayer of Fortitude. It doesn’t include utility like being great at snaring, battle rez, knock backs, high DPS while moving, and other mechanics. Those ultimately all factor into a raid or Battleground comp as well.
  • The matrix is a little more complex than it appears. A paladin, for example, can only offer one Blessing at a time, while a warrior can only do one shout at a time. You can’t assume one character can cover every buff or debuff listed below at the same time.
  • Some of these are active (you must cast them, like Prayer of Fortitude) while others are passive. Note that totems no longer bring passive buffs as a rule.
  • You’ll see several categories consolidated or gone. Bleeds no longer made sense, since everyone who cared about bleeds already buffed themselves. Magical resistance we just removed from the game, though there are some abilities that provide magical damage reduction.
  • We are still likely to use the design that hunters, especially Beastmaster hunters, can fill in for missing buffs or debuffs by using certain pets.

As always, we’d love to get your feedback on this design.



Effect: +10% Stamina
Example: Power Word: Fortitude
Brought by: Any priest, any warlock, any warrior

Spell Power

Effect: +10% spell power (there will no longer be a 6% version)
Example: Arcane Brilliance
Brought by: Any mage, any shaman, any warlock


Magic Vulnerability

Effect: +8% spell damage taken
Example: Curse of the Elements
Brought by: Any rogue, any warlock
Slow Casting
Effect: -30% casting speed
Example: Mind-numbing Poison
Brought by: Any death knight, any rogue, any warlock
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